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This film is also known as EL CRIMEN FERPECTO & FERPECT CRIME.

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"Like the Ferris wheel that serves as the setting for one of its climactic scenes, "El Crimen Perfecto" is a bright, gaudy and tremendously satisfying ride."

Dana Stevens


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"Swaggering satire... the lead performers are exuberant as they play out the infernal tango of id and superego. "Shop till you drop" will never sound the same again. "

-- John Patterson, LA WEEKLY

"...flawless...more inventive, visually captivating, thought-provoking and outright funnier than the films of his respected countryman Pedro Almodovar."



"If you've got an uncontrollable urge to see a new Alfred Hitchcock movie then get over to the Hitchcock-lite EL CRIMEN PERFECTO..."

- Grady Hendrix, THE NEW YORK SUN


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Contact: Margot Gerber
323.461.2020, ext. 115

Opening August 19 in New York & August 26 in Los Angeles
Director Alex de Iglesias In Person Tribute at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood August 20

Hollywood - Vitagraph Films opens EL CRIMEN PERFECTO (PERFECT CRIME, 2004, 105 min., Spain/Italy), the latest black comedy from Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia in Los Angeles on August 26th at the Nuart in Santa Monica, following an in person mini-retrospective of the irreverent directors earlier films on August 20th at the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Boulevard). This black comedy revolves around an ambitious department store clerk who longs to become FLOOR MANAGER... and he will do anything to ace out the competition. But instead of achieving the sophisticated life in retail, that he yearns for, he gets himself into a mess when an unattractive saleswoman he never paid attention to, witnesses him committing a crime. Suddenly his dreams morph into a vulgar reality with the repulsive Lourdes (Monica Cervera) blackmailing him into being her boyfriend. It is soon evident that his problems can only be solved by committing the "perfect" crime... With Guillermo Toledo (THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED). The film opens at the Sunshine Theatre in New York on August 19. Other citites to be announced as they are confirmed.


Black comedy abounds in this tale of a self-obsessed department store employee (lord of the Ladies' Department) who longs to beat out rival, Don Antonio (Luis Varela) manager of Men's, for the floor manager position. Rafael (Gillermo Toledo) fantasizes about his perfect life of refinement, elegance and sophistication. His worst nightmare is to live a mediocre life surrounded by kids and curtains that match the sofa. But how to reach his goal? When Rafael and Don Antonio get into a heated argument something terrible happens and Lourdes (Monica Cervera), a lowly clerk who Rafael doesn't much care for, witnesses the incident and begins to blackmail Rafael. Suddenly Rafael's dreams are dashed and he is living the vulgar life he abhors. Now there is nothing left to do but get rid of Lourdes in what must amount to... The Perfect Crime.

Alex de la Iglesia's films, largely co-written with Jorge Guerricaechevarría, have achieved cult status in his native Spain. He is best known in the U.S. for THE DAY OF THE BEAST (EL DIA DE LA BESTIA, 1995), the insane tale of a Basque priest who, with the help of a heavy metal guy and a TV host, tries to track down the anti-Christ who is scheduled to be born on Christmas Day in Madrid. His films have been seen in Los Angeles (American Cinematheque) and New York (Film Society of Lincoln Center) through the annual Recent Spanish Cinema/Spanish Cinema Now Festivals. Among his credits are 800 BULLETS (2002), a rambunctious comedy about former Western movie stuntmen; LA COMMUNIDAD (2000) starring Carmen Maura in a dark comedy about an apartment building of neighbors who all try to find treasure hidden in a dead man's rooms; DYING OF LAUGHTER (MUERTOS DE RISA, 1999), the story of two comedians who grow to hate each other as they become more and more famous; PERDITA DURANGO (1997) which stars Javier Bardem and Rosie Perez in an adaptation of a novel by Barry Gifford (LOST HIGHWAY); and Sci-Fi Comedy, ACCIÓN MUTANTE (1993).

American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood In Person Tribute to director Alex de la Iglesia

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The American Cinematheque will present the Los Angeles Premiere of PERFECT CRIME, plus ACCION MUTANTE, 1993, 95 min. DAY OF THE BEAST (EL DIA DE LA BESTIA), 1995, 103 min. will also be presented. The savage spirit of Bunuel lives on in director Alex de la Iglesia's hilarious, blood-spattered updating of Don Quixote: a mild-mannered priest (Alex Angulo) travels to Madrid, determined to contact Satan by committing every sin he can think of. Along the way, he picks up a dim-witted metalhead Sancho Panza (Santiago Segura), and the two cheerfully turn Christmas Eve into an LSD-stoked shootout between the forces of good and evil.

Discussion between films with director Alex de la Iglesia.

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