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This film is also known as EL CRIMEN FERPECTO & FERPECT CRIME.

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Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) takes his date for a ride through the Yoyes Department Store after hours. Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) takes Don Antonio (Luis Verela) to the incinerator room.

Rafael's (Guillermo Toledo) colleague Alonso (Fernando Tejero) drags him back into the department store for police questioning about Don Antonio's disappearance.

Lourdes (Monica Cervera) complains that Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) never noticed her amongst the pretty salesgirls.
Lourdes (Monica Cervera) (far right) takes Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) home to meet her family. Lourdes (Monica Cervera - on TV monitor) asks Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) to marry her on a reality TV show. The dead Don Antonio (Luis Varela) advises him.
Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) is in hell in his life with Lourdes. The dead Don Antonio (Luis Varela) appears to offer advice about getting rid of her.   Inspector Campoy (Enrique Villen) and Lourdes (Monica Cervera) peer down the elevator shaft where Rafael has fallen.
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